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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is Here!

Temperatures have risen and the sun is out in all its glory. How wonderful to be able to be outside again working in the yard.

The last two days I’ve been raking and blowing leaves out of the yard and tidying up the gardens. Even though the yard is flat with gardens throughout I’m amazed how long it took to just do the first pass at cleaning up the leaves and previous years mulches.

My last house had many, many oak trees as does this one. However we were vigilant at dealing with the leaves in the fall. Wet matted leaves are a challenge to rake or even blow. The previous owner of this place did not believe in cleaning them up, but last fall thought it was a good idea to “mulch” them and leave on grass. By mulching I mean she just ran over the leaves again and again until they were in tiny pieces.  Not a great idea when the leaves you are mulching are oak. Oak leaves take years to break down, so we were left with quite a mess. I got a good amount of them moved to the perimeter of the yard where there are trees with no grass.  

It is great fun cleaning the flowerbeds and discovering a variety of perennials peeking out of the soil. It has been a lot of work as the beds have been mulched with pine needles and leaves for what looks like years. In places the mulch was well over six inches deep. I may regret discarding it, but if I do I’ll try to keep it maintained at a better depth so the plants can have a change to grow.

Tomorrow I finish up raking and blowing the leaves and start spring maintenance on the perennials.