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Monday, April 12, 2010

Eagles, daffodils, woodland creatures, yard cleanup and construction begins.

We have been working on spring yard cleanup for about two weeks. Oak leaves and pine needles covered all the flower beds - what a chore. Thank goodness for the super leaf blower Michael left behind when he went off to college.

Daffodils in the front yard bloomed for Easter and now I see hyacinth starting to bloom. It is so fun to move into a new place and see what surprises the previous owner has left behind. I see a few bushes I'm going to move, The large forsythia that have been trimmed and pruned look unnatural where they are in front of the patio facing the river. I prefer them to look wild and crazy and utterly natural. I've identified a place for them along the berm that separates our yard from the neighbors. Hmmmm, now what should I find to put in their place? Maybe a trip to the garden store is in order.

Moles, and I'd guess hundreds of them are making tunnels throughout the yard. Chipmunks, red squirrels, and birds galore. Turkeys frequently strolled through the yard last winter, a group of them is quite a site to see. Here you can actually see them fly, in the city they just walk around like they own the place.

Last weekend we watched a pair of eagles soar over the river. I guess that's why the area we live in is called Eagles Point. Amazing to watch these very large birds.

Here's a photo of the neighbor across the river, his stair project. So far there are about 100 stairs, one landing, and probably 24-40 stairs to go.  Unbelieveably strong, he has hand carried each piece down from the top of the hill. Can't wait so see how he builds a dock. Must really need to go fishing.

As a comparison, our trip down the stairs to the river is more like 30 steps, which we thought was a lot. Just depends on your frame of reference.