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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gardening Galore

The last few weeks have been spent getting the yard in order. With the many gardens, trees, and pond there is plenty of work to do just getting it in a state where all it needs is maintenance. I feel I'm getting close. We got the yard tractor converted from snowblower to mower Mother's Day weekend and now can mow our lawn and dandelions with ease.

The previous owner left us a gardening paradise. Most of the gardens are well laid out, the driveway rock garden is the best.

Our boulder lined driveway with hostas, several kinds of sedum, creeping phlox, daylilies, iris, bee balm, and other assorted plants. One has to be quite careful backing the car out.... I know from personal experience it's very easy to scrape or dent your car.

I'm not familiar with many of the plants in the gardens, but they are thriving in the sandy soil and I will learn how to use them. Many need dividing as they are quite large but that is one of the things a gardener loves to do. I'm just a girl who loves dirt under the fingernails and mud on my toes and knees.

First let me say I LOVE WILDFLOWERS!

The trillium have been blooming for nearly three weeks. I've heard about trillium blooms like this but have never seen one until now, and it's in my own back yard. Amazing.

When they first started the bloom they were scattered throughout the woods, rather small flowers, I was excited to see them. As they have matured and continued to bloom the flowers became huge, measuring around four inches.

The photo makes a great desktop background. Click on the image here and then save the file -- give it a try.