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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finally a weekend that the work we got done looked like we made real progress

So often on a DIY project of this scale you work and work and look at it at the end of the day and it appears you didn't make much progress or have lost ground. This past weekend I am happy to say that this was not the case.

All appliances in and
ready to go

Trim is finished and the mitre saw with all its dust and droppings have been cleaned up and out

Bathroom plumbing, tile work, painting are done and is trimmed and caulked

Little pieces of Frog
tape mark the studs 
Kitchen is ready for the countertop and then the backsplash

Thermostat installed and heat is running

What's left:

Install the shelves above the washing machine and hang the mirror and towel bars

Make and install the shelf for above the closet

Install the countertop and sink

Intsall the new stair

Paint touch up

Finish garage ceiling

Get it rented

All in all it was a beautiful weekend, a bit cold but bright and sunny. We saw a great progress and an end in sight. Finished a lot of bits and ends on Saturday getting ready for the last big push towards completion. Sunday we spent the day cleaning up the leaves in our sadly neglected yard.

Installing Insulation and Hanging Drywall

It's a long and arduous process. A week ago last Saturday the plumber came to do his finish work and install the new baseboard radiators. That meant we had to get started on installing the drywall and hanging the drywall in the garage. Plumber wanted the drywall up because the heating pipes run below the drywall and then up through the drywall, insulation and the floor.

Here's a picture of Todd stapling the radiant insulation to the laminated I-beam joists with his new staple gun and compressor.

Why is it every big project there needs to be a major tool purchase? Before every new phase of a project we sit down and discuss how we are going to accomplish it. I just couldn't see how we could use the manual staple gun and get the job done without needing serious long term hand and wrist physical therapy. First we thought maybe there was some kind of electric or battery operated staple gun. Well there are, cost for a good one was upwards of a hundred dollars. For a bit more we could get a compressor kit with a staple gun, brad nailer, finish nailer, staples and nails, safety glasses and  a tool bag to store the tools in. We thought that was the better option.

And it was. The staple gun is very light weight and easy to use and the finish nailer cut the trim installation time by more than half. A very good purchase and addition to our stable of tools. Can't wait to to get a paint sprayer for it for other projects I have in mind.

On a side note, the old radiators you see in the photo (which have been on Craig's List since we pulled them out, with no calls or interest) have been moved to two fabulous locations in the garden to be used as benches. I plan on getting a stone or wooden slab for the tops. And wouldn't you know it, three days after we moved them we got our first call of interest. With mixed feelings I gave him the info to come out and look at them - and you guessed it, he didn't show up.