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Monday, December 3, 2012

What About That Apartment Remodel?

Work has been progressing very slowly as of late. We have been preoccupied with getting the homestead ready for a Wisconsin winter. Taking out the pontoon and performing all the maintenance needed for winter storage, cleaning up the yard and gardens, stowing the lawn mower, tractor, and chipper/shredder, not to mention getting the snow blower gassed up and making it and the snow shovels are accessible.

Hanging the drywall  in the garage is nearly done, thanks to a recent weekend of help from Todd's brother, Wade. Thank goodness for family. We need to tape the joints before we can legally rent the apartment. We probably won't get to that until early Spring. We will also be improving the entry to the apartment and perhaps closing it off from the garage and workshop.

We are about half done with rebuilding the stairs. Another day of work and it should be completed. Then we can get at the final finishing work. We have a little trim work to complete, grouting the back splash in the kitchen, a little painting and touch up, installing the kitchen faucet, and then a final walk through to make sure we haven't missed anything.

In the next couple of weeks I'll be working on a marketing plan, rental agreement and pricing.

On another note, the good news is that the garage is pretty much cleared of building materials and tools so now we can put our cars in it again. Hooray!

Moving A Shed As The Ancients Did

Here's the shed in its original location
Last year we wanted to build a new garage where a garden shed was located. Because we hate destroying or throwing away something useful we searched for a way to move the shed so we could continue to use it. We have plenty of space on our property and saw the perfect new location -- the only problem was it was several hundred feet away. So we did some talking and did some Googling and found a great solution.

The feat of moving the shed solely used nothing but four 4" PVC pipes, a car jack, bricks left from a previous owner, a steel pike, and  people power. From start to finish this project took about five hours.

Additionally, the sidewalk sections that the shed was sitting on were re-purposed this year making a small patio and were moved using the same method.

Cleaning and preparing for the move

Using a car jack to lift the shed up so that the PVC pipes
can be placed underneath
After lifting the shed with the jack, bricks were inserted
to facilitate the insertion of the PVC pipes
Pushing the PVC pipes underneath the shed
Making sure everything is aligned and
clear for the pipes to roll

Pushing the shed 

Turning or re-positioning the shed using a heavy steel pike

As the shed rolls off of a pipe
that pipe is moved to the other end

Whew, went a couple of feet and near 90 degree turn

Occasionally more weight had to be added to the front
of the shed  to enable adjusting the pipes
Almost halfway there
Now to navigate between the trees
It took some serious maneuvering to move the shed through
the trees. There was no more than six inches to
spare between the pair of trees ahead 
Almost there!
Final positioning
My partners in crime, Todd, Marge, and brother-in-law Wade