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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back on Track

Now that the holidays are done and my recovery from a disc replacement complete we are finally getting back on track with the remodel. You may remember in my last post I said we were about halfway to completion on the stairway, well, we took a giant step backward. Let me explain.

We use painters tape to mark studs.
Todd had planned on building the stairway in two phases -- skirtboard and bottom stairs to be completed first and then he would tear out the top stairs add the second pieces of skirtboard and remaining stairs using a ladder to attach the upper skirtboard. This we found was a fools plan as there is no real way to put a ladder into the stairwell. As you can see in the photo our pressure tank for our water system, water conditioner and water softener are located underneath the stair as well as a gasline, electrical wiring and plumbing.

During our hiatus we also noticed that the skirtboard was misaligned so we removed everything and started over. We realigned the bottom skirtboard yesterday using a different method we found on the web that was not only more accurate it was easier to understand and do correctly. We also learned that instead of using a ladder we can employ temporary treads on every other step and have better access than using a ladder.

We still have to build the stairway in two phases because the access to it is limited and we cannot use boards longer than 8'. We got a good start this weekend and hopefully we will finish the stairway next weekend. Then we can get the rest of the finish work completed.