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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Got Pine Pitch? Here's how to deal with it

You see there's this gigantic pine tree that hangs over our driveway and parking area. Beautiful tree, but it likes to spit at us -- a lot. I've asked others how they deal with removing pine pitch and searched the Internet on numerous occasions and last year found the best and easiest solution.

In the past I found that isopropyl alcohol would get the job done, it took a while but it did dissolve the the pine pitch. I was always concerned that it would ruin the paint finish as using it especially on dried pitch took quite a bit of time to remove it. Now my worries are over even though I am using another form of alcohol because the removal process is much shorter.


Yep, Purell the hand sanitizer. I wish I could retrace my search or remember who posted this amazing solution  to give credit. He was a genius.

Purell is a gel form of alcohol, a product most of us have in the house or our purse. It works much better than the isopropyl because it pretty much stays where you put it and doesn't evaporate as fast as the liquid. You also don't need a rag or cotton ball to apply, just use your fingers.  (see the photos below)

Fresh pine pitch can be dissolved in less than a minute, older dried pitch such as in the photos below takes around two minutes. Give this a try, you will be amazed how fast and well it works.

A good size, dried out spit of pine pitch
from last summer gets the treatment.

As you rub the Purell on and into the pitch it dissolves rather quickly.
Don't be afraid to use a little light fingernail action
if it is stubborn.

Wipe off the Purell and dissolved pitch.
Do multiple treatments if needed.

When pitch is gone, do a good rinse with the hose,
then wash the car to remove any residue that may be left behind.