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Monday, May 25, 2015

Hanging and decorating the restored crystal chandelier

Chandelier hung but not decorated
This past Saturday, the strong young man (son, Matt) came and helped us hang the completed chandelier.

When we finished wiring the candles I thought that the candles were too large and out of scale and enhanced how crooked the candles were. We used 4" medium socket candles because that is what the chandelier originally had. I ordered 2" candles and they would have looked great but Todd was very concerned that he wouldn't be able to wire them because how the sockets sat in the candle cups and the lack of access space to attach the wire to the sockets.

So we looked for a workable solution. The chandelier had obviously been taken apart and reassembled at least once because a some of the rosettes were attached backwards and the crystals really didn't look like they were original to the piece. What we ended up doing was taking off the half inch spacer that sat at the bottom of the bobeche and before the candle cup. This adjustment made the candle a tad bit shorter and also made the bobeche not as wobbly, which was definitely a definite plus.

Once we made the minor candle adjustments, the chandelier was hung and we started decorating this amazing piece. We may add another crystal chain at the bottoms of the bobeche, change the middle crystal on the lower arms to a larger pendalogue and then move the small crystal balls to the very top where the small teardrops are. We are also looking for a finial for the top center so that we can hang a small crystal ball that will hand down just above the crystal chain.

Here is our masterpiece:

Fully decorated and lights aglo

On another note....

The chandelier we replaced is
destined for rehab
We were worried the crystal chandelier we had spent the last several months restoring was too heavy or would be too heavy for the ceiling supports. Turns out we had nothing to worry about because the beast of a chandelier we were replacing was much heavier and the junction box was correctly installed for the weight of heavy lighting.