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Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's that time of year again. Time to rebuild or repair the garden totems

Still my favorite adhesives!
As we did our annual Spring walk of the property to see the damage done by the Wisconsin Winter, we made quite a list of things that needed to be repaired, rebuilt, replaced or simply thrown away.

I admit I am not good about putting things away for the winter, like the garden totems and other decorative items. Winter took its toll on a few of them and a little repair and rebuilding had to be done. So I gathered them all up, grabbed my favorite adhesives and looked through my inventory for new parts and ideas.

Here are the fixes and rebuilds:

This used to be a funky red, white and bluebird bath. The center came unglued a
while ago. I changed it up by adding a clear bowl and using the top of the following
totem that came apart.

This totem had the salt shaker and candle holder that I repurposed on the
first photo. They fell off during the winter. I remade with the glass bird because
the small bowl caulking wouldn't come apart. The bowl slipped while curing when I originally
made it, and the angle bothered me. So I put a bird on it to make it seem more aligned.
The bird and glass dish were originally attached to a wine bottle that I had cut. The
bottle and top fell off over the winter. I reattached to the wine bottle - but put it on
the stake before it fully cured - so the wine bottle fell down the stake.
Oh, well. How about sticking it on a brass flower pot?  I like this better.


Foodie-Bee said...

Love the remade totems. You're so talented!!!!